Welcome To Hell

30 03 2010

For those of you who haven’t been to Paul’s YouTube channel recently you may not have seen the official video for ’19 – Boys To War’ and also video for an awesome remix by Paul called ‘Welcome To Hell’. This is in your face and hard hitting with a heavy beat to back it up! If you haven’t seen it just head over to www.youtube.com/soundtoofamiliar or check out the video below!

This will be available to download along with loads of other cool mixes including the one below by Ministry Of Sound DJ Richard Murray. All out on the 19th April 2010!!!

It’s all gone pop!

1 03 2010

Blog and music site ‘It’s All Gone Pop’ have written up a great article on the release of 19 here. As you may have noticed from this blog, news articles are really picking up on the imminent release which is great news. ‘It’s All Gone Pop’ have really got what the release is about.

“Though I’m usually not big on artists re-recording their old material, I do think the music in the video trailer sounds amazing, the message is still poignant and Hardcastle doesn’t seem hell-bent on resuscitating a pop career.”

It’s a great article and you should check it out and pass it onto your friends to read too!


24 02 2010

The nice people at Popjustice have written a cool article about the release of 19. Referring to Paul as ‘Hardo’ they discuss they’re hopes for for the new release. They’ve also featured the trailer for the video in the site which is great. Popjustice has a large viewership, (so i hear!) So hopefully the message about 19 can be spread even further in anticipation of the fast approaching release on April 19th!

Have a read of the article here.

Free stuff! Check out pualhardcastle.com

17 02 2010

In the late 70s I worked in a hi fi shop, and it was when the very first Sony Walkman was released, it was called the Sony Stowaway, I found the demo cassette that was used to sell it, I have put it on my site for a few days, paulhardcastle.com click on Sony, it was by a Japanese artist, unfortunately can’t remember his name! But if you wan’t the original demo for your 70s collection check it out!

Smooth News

16 02 2010

As you all know by now, Paul Hardcastle as reworked his hit single 19 for a much anticipated 25 years anniversary release.

Smooth Jazz Network have taken the time to have a chat and find out why Paul decided to do this after being adamant it would never happen. Find out about the about how poignant it is to be releasing 19 now, and also what direction Paul has taken the track in.

Read the full article here.

Wanna be a part of the “19” Hall of Fame?

10 02 2010

Want to see your video featured in the “19” Hall of Fame? Well it’s really simple! Just send us a link to your YouTube video of your version of “19” and if we like it, we’ll feature it on these very pages. We’ll be choosing our favourite video each day, so there’s plenty of opportunity.

You can reach us on Facebook or Twitter, so stop by and show us your videos.

19 Mash up

10 02 2010

Here’s a quirky one! A mash up of “19” combined with Snaps “Rhythm is a Dancer” – it really works though!