Good promo with 7 days to go!

12 04 2010

Another good day on the promo trail. Was meant to start the day with an interview on Sky News but they postponed at the last minute and went for an interview with a certain David Cameron instead to chat about some election thats going on! Should be on there later this week or next week. So the day started with a visit to Sun Radio to do an interview with Martel Maxwell. Went really well. She played 19 Boys To War and really seemed to get the message we are trying to put across. Hopefully the newspaper will take note and write an article! Feel free to email The Sun newspaper and tell them!

After the interview it was a quick transfer across town to Talksport Radio for an interview Haksby and Jacobs. This is a great show and was a good chance to play the record to a larger more diverse audience. Had a great time with the guys and i think that really enhanced the feel of the interview.
Now, i’m over a BBC Western House doing a bunch a interviews for regional BBC stations including BBC Sussex, BBC Surrey and BBC Manchester. So if you’re in any of these places, look out for the interview coming soon!