Easter brings global news coverage!

6 04 2010

This Easter weekend has been a whirlwind of press coverage at home and abroad for the 25 Anniversary release of 19. Everything from BBC News, to ABC News and NME to BBC 6 Music. It’s great to see that the message if finally cutting through and people are starting to take notice. We’ve also been having a great response from troops serving abroad and those who have fought for their country. Ultimately, these are the people that count. All of this coverage means nothing if the brave people that Paul is trying to highlight in ’19’ don’t get the recognition they deserve. It’s been a tough road trying to get TV and Radio to play something that doesn’t shy away from the reality of what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. The BBC One Show, who have done a great piece on 19 which was to be aired tonight (6th April) have postponed this, due to not wanting to show something that is related to the war now the election has been announced. Lets all just put the war to the back of our mind shall we, whilst our Prime Minister relates the recovery of our economy to Wayne Rooney foot. Radio is also being a little shy to the record. This is why the support of everyone online talking about this release is so important. The more pressure that is put on broadcasters, and the more people want to hear it, they will have to give in soon!

Aside from these small things, everything has been going great! Don’t forget you’ve still got time to enter our competition to win a signed promo CD of 19. This is very rare, so get your entries in before midnight on Thursday 8th April (GMT) http://bit.ly/991AJX

Here are few links for you to check out from some the top coverage this weekend.

BBC Newshttp://bit.ly/phbbcnews
ABC News http://bit.ly/abcphnews
6 Musichttp://bit.ly/news6music
Clash magazinehttp://bit.ly/ckL56o
Yahoo Newshttp://bit.ly/phyahoo

Also, don’t forget about the Apple Store masterclass Paul is giving on the 20th April at 7pm, in London. This is open to everyone and seats are based on first come first served so get there early if you don’t fancy standing for an hour!
Find out more on the Apple Regents Street webs site here. Just flick through the calendar to get more info on the event.

Stop press! Paul Hardcastle on the front page!

25 02 2010

If you live around the Epping Forest area you may have seen Paul featured on the Front Cover of ‘Epping Forest Guardian’, with the full page title, HARDCASTLE RE-RELEASE HIS BIGGEST HIT FOR GEROGIE. Here is the article which we posted a few days a go, so if you haven’t seen it you can view it here.

So if your in the Epping forest area go get yourself a copy!

Look into the Mirror and this is what you’ll see..

22 02 2010

The Mirror.co.uk have featured an article on Paul remaking 19! The Mirror has a huge readership so this will hopefully spread the word of a new ’19’ far and wide.

You can check it out here!