It’s all gone pop!

1 03 2010

Blog and music site ‘It’s All Gone Pop’ have written up a great article on the release of 19 here. As you may have noticed from this blog, news articles are really picking up on the imminent release which is great news. ‘It’s All Gone Pop’ have really got what the release is about.

“Though I’m usually not big on artists re-recording their old material, I do think the music in the video trailer sounds amazing, the message is still poignant and Hardcastle doesn’t seem hell-bent on resuscitating a pop career.”

It’s a great article and you should check it out and pass it onto your friends to read too!

Press is picking up!

23 02 2010

So the release campaign for ’19 BOYS TO WAR’ has officially started! The press release was sent out yesterday so hopefully you’ll be hearing a lot more about it!

After yesterdays article in the Mirror, we’ve now got front page online coverage in the Epping Forest Guardian. The article focuses on Paul dedicating part dedicating the new release to Georgie Sparks, a close friend of Pauls son. The article tells a very touching story and highlights that what Paul is doing is really special.

Read the full article here. It would be great of you could show your support by leaving a short comment on their web site.

If we want to read the full press release you can check it out here, or are interested in writing your own article contact

19 Trailer on AOL Music

18 02 2010

For those of you who still haven’t seen the latest video of ’19’, your excuses are becoming limited. Not only can you watch it on Pauls Official Site, YouTube, Facebook and more you can check it out in AOL Video! Take a peek and let us know what you think. Don’t forget, single is out to download on the 19th April 2010!

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